Upper Darby Rising Effort

Please see the below flyer as well as additional information regarding the Upper Darby Rising effort.

Upper Darby Rising Flyer & Sign Up Information

Additional Information:

Upper Darby Rising is an effort by the U.D. public school system to do more to ensure excellence with equity for all township school children. We are in an opening phase of gathering input, to be incorporated as the school district crafts a specific action plan later in 2021.

This first phase, just begun, is about hearing from all stakeholders in the district, not just those who send their children to public schools.  That’s why we’ve made a special point of holding this focus group for the Catholic parish community.

At this point, we’re seeking feedback on four themes, or areas of concern:

1)    Discipline and bullying

2)    Equitable use of district resources

3)    Improved district engagement with the whole community

4)    Embrace of the community’s diversity as an asset, not just a challenge.

We believe even parishioners who don’t send children to the public schools have a valid stake in this conversation and deserve a voice.


a)    They pay taxes and should have a say in how their money is spent.  We know high school taxes are a sore point for many Catholic school parents.  Their views should be heard.

b)    Public and parish schools do collaborate successfully now in some areas, such as school safety. Where else could that cooperation be bolstered and prove helpful to parish schools?

c)    Quality of public schools a key factor in everyone’s property values and business climate.

The Catholic Church has always had a focus on social justice, even more so now under the leadership of Pope Francis.  Upper Darby Rising is a local response to the awakening of concern over social justice that’s been happening across our nation this year.  We invite you to make the initiative stronger by adding your views to the mix.

Sign up: http://upperdarbyrising.eventbrite.com/