Funeral Guidelines

The Parish Bereavement Committee will assist the family in arranging for the organist, cantor, ministers of the Eucharist, and altar servers.

For your information, those providing music for funeral liturgies do not receive payment from the church. The only compensation they receive for their services comes from the family. As a convenience, these fees are normally included in the funeral home fee, and are customarily paid on the day of the funeral.  This will all be handled by the funeral director.

Below you will find the following information regarding funerals at St. Charles:

St. Charles Funeral Information

Funeral Planning Document

Funeral Hymns

The Funeral Readings

  • Please choose one reading from the Old Testament and one reading from the New Testament

Funeral Readings

The Funeral Intercessions

  • Please choose one set of intercessions

Funeral Intercessions

Additional Information

Funeral Liturgy Guidelines

If you or family members have questions regarding the Funeral Liturgy, please feel free to contact the St. Charles Rectory at (610) 623-3800